Top 10 Fastest Animals on Earth

In  this post we will be talking about the fastest animals on earth. Yea, we all know that there are diverse animals with super speed but some are much… It is kind of funny, and even belittling for the greatest creature on earth which is human runs just 40 miles an hour. Well, I would say it is because of the superb knowledge human has in which with implementation as resulted to the production of vehicles, and lots of transportation medium to ease transportation. Who would want to venture on a long journey while there are vehicles to ease the stress? I guess no one would.

Enough of the human talk!  Let’s move on to the list of our selected Top 10 Fastest Animals on Earth.


  1. Brown Hare



With such a small size, Brown Hare still made it on the list.  Brown hare are small mammals native to Western Europe and Asia. Brown hares are larger in size than that off rabbits, have longer legs, longer ears and black tips than rabbits. Brown hare can gain maximum speed of 77 km per hour.

The powerful hind legs of brown hare help them to gain speed in short time. They normally runs in straight paths also can change the direction in no time, can maintain speed in zigzag movement. The speedy movement of brown hare help them to escape from large number of natural predators.

Deserves a spot on our list of top 10 fastest animals on earth.

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