10 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts

In this post we will be talking about 10 celebrities who insured their body parts. Sounds ridiculous right? In real sense, we mortals mostly insure our cars, properties, and so on, but some celeb insures their body parts instead of the usual properties, cars, houses, etc.

Curious to know the names of the celebrities that made it on this list of 10 celebrities who insured their body parts? Let’s roll…


Jennifer Lopez


Insured: Her Booty, $300 million

This looks weird, insuring a booty? Come-on that looks somehow. Although, we understand her reason for insuring her hot booty. It looks very hot and am sure you too notice what we are talking about in here.

She definitely deserves a spot on our list of 10 celebrities who insured their body parts.



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