10 Celebrity Hair Transformations – Blonde Vs Brunette

In this post we will be making some comparison on blonde vs brunette: 10 celebrity hair transformations. Blonde mostly make female looks much sexier while brunette tends to make them look much matured and determined. That is not for all cases but it is literally what is being considered. Curious to know the celebrities that feature in this comparison? Let’s roll…


Kim Kardashians


We’re used to Kim having thick, dark locks. She changed her hairstyles a lot, cutting her hair into a long bob, growing it out, having bangs, curling, straightening, slicking and braiding her hair in a multitude of ways, but the fact that her hair is dark remained a constant.

Until that one time when she went blonde, slicked her hair back at the sides and looked a bit like Draco Malfoy. But despite all the jokes and memes, with a normal hairstyle she looks cute as a blonde, don’t you think?


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