10 Celebs With On-Screen Love Interest Old Enough to Be Their Dad

Have you ever thought about picturing 10 celebs with on-screen love interest old enough to be their dad? Ooops… am sure you haven’t, and that is why we came up with this interesting post. Curious to know the celeb that made in on this list? Let’s roll…

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook, 2012


Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an American actress. Since 2015, Lawrence has been the highest-paid actress in the world, and her films have grossed over $5.5 billion worldwide.

Bradley Charles Cooper is an American actor and producer. He was one of the world’s highest-paid actors for three years, and has been nominated for various accolades, including four Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

Lawrence: 24

Cooper: 40

Age difference: 16

Superb 10 celebs with on-screen love interest old enough to be their dad

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