10 Unbelievable Actors Who Were Once Pornstars

Have you ever think of actors who were once pornstars? I guess you should have done so someway, somehow. In this post we will throwing more light to this post and am sure you are already curious to know who makes it on this list. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dig into this post, top 10 unbelievable actors who were once pornstars:


Angelique Pettyjohn


Angelique Pettyjohn was an American actress and burlesque queen. She appeared as the drill thrall Shahna in the Star Trek episode, “The Gamesters of Triskelion”

Angelique one featured in a lot of hardcore adult movies like Titillation, Stalag 69, and Body Talk.

She earns a spot on our list of actors who were once pornstars



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