Live: NATO summit concludes in Brussels

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she experienced “all in all, a very intensive summit” with the representatives of the NATO member states who “once again” had a “very fundamental discussion.”

“The American president demanded, what has been discussed for months, a change in the burden-sharing,” she said, and added that she knows Germany “must do more.” 

“All European allies have made clear once again that they recognize this new security situation and are reacting to it, with strengthening, with modernization of their own forces. Germany is doing that too.” 

She was asked about the Monday meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Merkel said the two leaders meeting is “good for everyone.”

“I think, and hope, that perhaps also questions of disarmament, of nuclear disarmament will be discussed. That would be a good signal for us all if talks on that could get off the ground again. All in all, I believe this meeting with President Putin is very important, since when the USA and Russia are talking, it’s good for everyone and also good for security more broadly,” Merkel said.

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