Police tear-gas  FC Taraba players over  unpaid salaries


Both players and officials have claimed police fired live bullets into the air as well as tear gas in Jalingo today so as to disperse protesting FC Taraba players, who are pressing for the payment of 18 months’ salaries.

Former team manager of FC Taraba Father Dennis Adoga told SCORENigeria that police fired into the air in a desperate bid to scare away players who had embarked on a protest march to the office of the Taraba sports commissioner.

“The players were in the ministry to seek audience with the commissioner for sports, who refused to attend to them.

“The only people who have attended to them are the police, who shot into the air and also fired tear gas to try and force the players to leave the scene.

“The boys are adamant and have refused to be cowed.”

Father Dennis Adoga added: “It’s the nature of the club to owe players for many months.

“And unless competent managers are engaged for the club, this will continue.”

Several FC Taraba players also confirmed the incident.

The one-time NPFL outfit narrowly escaped relegation from the second-tier NNL.

The LMC had to take several measures to get players of the Jalingo club to be paid when they featured in the country’s top-flight league.


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