Top 10 Famous Celebrities Who Had Butt Enlargement

Famous celebrities who had butt enlargement is one of the most talked about topic these days. Well, seeing most of the celebrities with super cool well bumped up butt is something what talking about. Although, most of them had butt enlargement and that is why we came up with this post of top 10 famous celebrities who had butt enlargement and admitted it.

Curious to know the named that made it on this list? Let’s roll…


Shekinah Jo


Wow, what a superb cool backside Shekinah Jo got there. That looks extremely hot even though she admitted undergoing an enlargement.

“They took this fat out my stomach, right? And they put it all in my behind,” she told BOSSIP. “It moves and everything — it’s cute. You see it move? Yess, it’s cute!”

Definitely, she deserves a spot on our list of top 10 famous celebrities who had butt enlargement



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