Top 10 Largest Cities In Europe

In this post we will be talking about the top 10 largest cities in the Europe. We all know that Europe is endowed with lots of beautiful and large cities but have you come to realize than great London, Paris are not the largest cities in Europe?

Curious to know these top 10 largest cities in the Europe? Let’s move on…



Minsk is the capital of Belarus and we all know that it is not a very popular cities like others in the Europe. One of the reasons for being part of this list if that it is also ranked among the safest cities in Europe. he city has some beautiful Russian orthodox churches, in particular St. Mary Magdalene with its black and gold domes. Minsk is located on the Warsaw to Moscow railway line and unlike large cities in Western Europe, a large proportion of the population still works in industry, making trucks, tractors, cars and domestic appliances.

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