Youth group frowns at Tambuwal over comments on killings


The Nigerian Youth Impact Movement (NYIM) has strongly frowned at the recent comment by Governor Aminu Tambuwal, blaming leadership failure on killings in the country.


Tambuwal, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives had stated that the killings across the nation boil down to failure of leadership, stressing that the “growing spate of mindless shedding of innocent blood” has brought a new dimension to the reprehensible state of insecurity in the country.


“That is not what Nigerians voted for in 2015″, Tambuwal had said.


Reacting however, the youth group stated that it is very disheartening to see people who were in the helms of affairs in the old regime known for wastage, nepotism and grand corruption to cast aspersions on the person of President Buhari.


Executive Director of the group, Odoh Chima in a statement warned Tambuwal to be cautious.



According to him, he has no moral justification to attack the person of President Muhammadu Buhari on any grounds because as a matter of fact, he has a case to answer.


“Talking about overhauling the Nigerian security architecture our question is, what did he do when Nigerians were killed like animals during the last administration while he was the speaker of the house?


“We view this call as unfortunate and Ill conceived but we are not surprised because Tambuwal has again proven himself to be the chameleon that he is.


“While we are not against his hobnobbing with the opposition which he now clearly belongs, we are warning him to stop playing politics with the lives of Nigerians.


“The Nigerian security architecture as presently constituted has performed remarkably well, no wonder they have decapitated the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists, quelled all insurrections around the country and currently working to end the persistent farmers-herders crisis.


“Tambuwal and his co-travellers should know that no amount of blackmail to score cheap political goals can deter Mr President from delivering on his promises which he has continued to do.


“Comments like these amount to hate speech because they are capable of inflaming the already tensed situation around the country.


“Much as we know that the evil intent of Hon Tambuwal is to paint Mr President in a bad light and turn his people against him, we also can now clearly see that he is one of those who have seen President Buhari as a convenient scapegoat on account of his ethnicity.


“Now that investigations have it that the recent killings have a political undertone, it is very clear that while we are hearing the voice of Jacob, the hand we feel is that of Esau.


“Stereotyping a particular ethnic group who have lived peacefully with their host communities for hundreds of years because of one man has put the innocent Fulani man at harm’s way.


“Only a witch is quick to accuse others of witchcraft there is no way Hon Tambuwal can tell Nigerians he knows nothing about the grand plot to destabilize Nigeria.”




















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